A great "Irish Pub" that you'll enjoy with good food & good friends! 
The term ‘craic', that special combination of laughter, chat and atmosphere that is unique to Irish socializing, accurately sums up this welcoming gathering place.

Egan's casual and comfortable atmosphere has become the focus of social activity. Our chef creates meals with distinct and customary recipes using the freshest ingredients and the greatest of care.

Egan's is a place where people meet, tell stories and chat away the day, all of which summons a mighty hunger and raging thirst. Jokes are told, minor insults are traded and yet another round of conversational lubricants is ordered. Don't miss their all-you-can-eat lunch soup bar!
Want to make a reservation? Call us at 780-533-5158
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(780) 533-5158

Hours of Operation

 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK AT 11:00am  
Minors are allowed until 9:00pm

What’s on at Egan’s

Tue Apr 24 @ 5:00PM -
Tuesday-Steak Sandwich
Wed Apr 25 @ 5:00PM -
Egan’s Wing Wednesdays
Thu Apr 26 @ 5:00PM -
Thirsty Thursdays- Fish n Chips
Fri Apr 27 @ 5:00PM -
Prime Rib Dinner
Tue May 01 @ 5:00PM -
Tuesday-Steak Sandwich
Wed May 02 @ 5:00PM -
Egan’s Wing Wednesdays
Thu May 03 @ 5:00PM -
Thirsty Thursdays- Fish n Chips
Fri May 04 @ 5:00PM -
Prime Rib Dinner